Writing an essay is one of the biggest task that a student has to do to complete his or her education. Each student will have to write an essay at least once during his stay in school. It’s more often than not, seen during exams and tests. The essay part of the exam is often the most dreaded and disliked part of a test. Why? Because most students do not have enough knowledge about essay writing. Another common part of school life where essay writing tends to come up is the homework. These essay home works are often given to students after some activity. They are tasked to create an essay based on what they experienced or what they saw. Essays can also be given as a form of research on a certain topic.

Here is where most students have a problem. They do not have the time to make a good, well-written essay given all the things and other tasks that they have to do. Essay writing involves a lot of research. The information has to be gathered into a single cohesive piece of writing. More often than not, students skip these parts of an assignment. They move on to what they think ‘more important’ parts of the assignment are. So what students can do is have someone else write the essay for them.

Essay Writing Service

There are a lot of ways a student can go about finding someone to write an essay for them. Some ask other, older students to do it for them. It can be good if that older student is a sibling or a relative. They can ask for a favor and have them write an essay for him so that he can do other tasks. Others will find someone who writes essays for a price. This can be someone like a classmate or an acquaintance. They often ask a small price in order for them to write the essay. Here’s the problem though, these writers are not professional. They may not have the necessary knowledge about the topic they are writing about.

So what other students do is to find an essay writing service. They use an essay writing service so that they can submit high quality essays. Most of these essay writer services can be found online. A simple search will often show a lot of websites where students can order essays. So, we at MakeGoodEssays, have made this part easier. We have selected an essay writing service that can help you write an essay.


Academized is one of the best essay writing service right now. But they not just essay writer services. They accept a wide range of orders for other writing jobs. They cover a lot of subjects as well. The level of writing can also be tailored to the specific order that they receive. Rankings for the best online essay writing services list Academized as one of the top sites.


Academized offers not just essays though. Essays are their ‘bread and butter’ but they also offer other services for different kinds of writing. Academized employs a lot of professional writers that can do more complicated pieces of literature. If you need a research paper or a laboratory report, there are writers that can write those for you. Not only that, Academized also offers services for postgraduate levels like dissertations and theses. They can also write critiques for literature and other arts.

But that is not all they offer. Even if the order is not under the category that is listed, they can write the paper that you need. To use their term, ‘Whatever it is you need, we are always happy to help’. They also accept rush orders that need to be submitted in only a few hours. The service they offer assures the clients that the paper they receive will be of high quality and completely unique. They also offer free revisions and edits throughout the duration of the project.

The Team

Academized writing team is huge. They have hundreds of writers that can accommodate the clients that buy essays online. Not only that, the writers that are part of Academized team are all professionals. Writing essays is their job. So the client is assured that the writer has complete focus on the project. The writers are also experts in certain fields. Some are experts in linguistics while others specialize in mathematics or science. Whatever the topic of the paper may be, the client is sure to have the perfect writer that will suit their needs.

The Process

The way of placing an order for an essay is very simple. Once you log on to their site, click the ‘Order Now’ button. You will then be taken to the order form. Fill out the required details about the order that you are placing. The most important ones that need to be filled out include what kind of writing is needed, the subject, the topic, the number of words or pages required for the paper, and the deadline for it. You may also include other details like the writing style and the number of references, if any are needed. After that you will be taken to the next step of the ordering process.

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