The beautiful mountainous area of Guatemala is worth seeing and admiring. Over here, a group of hardworking, dedicated and well-versed ladies can be seen sewing and weaving different items. Their aim is not only to earn some money but also to change their future through their creativity and work. They are working day and night to fulfill their dreams via their creations and the education they have received so far. Yes, we are talking about Mayamam weavers who have brought together high quality, hand-woven pieces to our attention, letting the world know about the beauty and diversity of Mayan culture. You can purchase their items from the comfort of your home. Mayamam products are among the best and most classy in the world, and by buying them from these weavers, you will be directly supporting the women so that they can lift themselves and get rid of poverty.

The unique story behind these items

The ladies working as Mayamam Weavers have proved their worth and creativity through their skills. They have devoted themselves fully to the promotion of the local culture and educate their children to get good wages once they grow up. They receive a lot of money for their artistry, creativity, and hard work, and they are doing it better than any other group of ladies in the world.

For quite a long time, they have been provided with a limited number of opportunities and have been kept from receiving the high-quality education. In the Guatemalan village known as Cajolá, only a handful of ladies dared to put their skills and creativity to work. The fact is that up to 92 percent of the entire population is living a miserable life, below the poverty line, and it is difficult for them to earn some money to raise their families. According to Belt Horn Village, most of them have no access to the basic primary or elementary education, and if they join the Mayamam weavers’ co-op, they become able to get fair wages, free school education and access to a number of scholarships. They can use the money to support their education at the college and university levels. No doubt, they are playing a vital role in changing the fate of their village as well as their families by representing themselves at the global level.

Details of the product

The product come in different dimensions has incorporated traditional designs and features a black horn buckle. It is made with soft and embroidered cotton, and quality is always guaranteed.

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