When you want to write an essay about Village, it is important to have an introduction, a body, and a concluding paragraph. The introduction gives the main ideas that will be discussed in the main body section. In addition, the conclusion is a summary of the ideas discussed in the body paragraphs as well as the writer’s opinions and recommendations about the topic.

A lot of people fail to believe that it is possible to live in the village because they are used to accessing all the amenities at a short distance. For instance, the village of the university provides all the services that students might require hence making it a small city. There are plenty of people who prefer to live a simple life as compared to those that love a luxurious life in the suburbs of the big cities. Village life provides such simplicity with minimal expenses.

As well, the villages are a good place to preserve our traditions and customs. For instance, the village people are well known for holding festivals to mark special occasions that are not celebrated in big cities. When writing an essay about a university campus, it is important to compare it with the village life because such festivals are also celebrated. People from different cultures meet for the purpose of learning and end up teaching one another the cultures through their interactions. However, the students try their level best to maintain their cultures as done in the villages.

Concisely, village life is characterized by hospitable people, fresh air and nature. This is in contrary to the cities that have polluted air and a few places whereby people can access nature. Therefore, for an individual seeking to relax, the village is the best place.

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