How to Make Your Resume Stand Out

Having an outstanding resume is extremely fundamental in the competitive job market of today. And, a few alterations can determine whether you will get a phone interview or receive a retort or reply after your submission. Thus, it is crucial that you ensure your resume impresses the hiring managers or employers. Write it in a manner which makes it unique and exceptional from that of other job applicants. But, you may encounter difficulties trying to make your resume stand out since you may not know how to go about it. Well, that should not bother you. You can seek help the USA resume writing service and get to deliver the resume, which can guarantee you the response you are eagerly awaiting.

This professional and reliable resume writing service has proficient writers who are experts in resume writing. They can provide you with the tips you may need to make your resume stand out from the crowd. Some of them are as discussed below.

Respond directly to the job description

Prospective employers and recruiters have particular ideas regarding the skills and experiences job applicants need to perform well in open positions. So, you need to ensure your resume reflects the description they have incorporated in their ads or listings. In a pile of many resumes, the most captivating one is that which appears to correspond to all their requirements, including degrees, work experiences, certifications, and technical skills. Your previous work experience ought to be relevant to the job description. Otherwise, you will have to embrace creativity and structure your current skill set to a new transferable role.

Describe your accomplishments

Do not regurgitate or restate your job description. Instead, focus on the achievements you have made while living up to your responsibilities. Designate the ways you have thrived in your profession.

Enumerate your accomplishments

A suitable method to describe your accomplishments is by enumerating them. This enables prospective employers and recruiters to have an idea of how you may fit and be beneficial to an organization. They will have a clear picture of your skills and abilities, thereby helping you to get shortlisted for an interview.

Distinguish your details in the summary section

A summary statement covers the most valuable spot in your resume. Thus, you need to use it to provide further information about your accomplishments. Do not use it to discuss much about your personality.

Discount irrelevant information

Knowing what to incorporate in your resume is as crucial as knowing what to disregard. You may presume that it is a good idea to provide more information about yourself. However, this can affect your chances of getting called for an interview. So, ignore irrelevant information regarding your job. Let the hiring manager understand that you know what you are looking for.

In conclusion, writing a resume that stands out from other resumes is fundamentally important in the competitive job market of today. Many people forward their resumes with the hope of getting a response from prospective hiring managers. Thus, it is your sole responsibility to ensure you submit a resume which is unique and exclusive. And if you experience challenges, seek help from a professional resume writing service. They have professional writers who can help you produce a top-notch resume for your job application. Also, above are some tips you can use t make your resume stand out from the rest.



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Do you ever experience academic-free or worry-free school days? Do you ever sleep early, get time to relax, or attend to personal or family issues? Academic-free and worry-free school days are times you should not worry about researching for information and gathering substantial evidence to write your research, term, or thesis papers – some of the challenging tasks you have to do as a student.

Having a worry-free school day and night is hard for any students. This is because they have heaps of assignments they have to complete as they contribute to their overall academic performance. Additionally, there are many essay writing rules and regulations they need to stick to when writing their articles. Hence, this makes essay writing to be a cumbersome and exasperating task. However, there is an ideal solution experts from Custom Essay Order recommend you consider to approach this issue – seeking help from our professional custom essay writing service.

Custom essay

Seeking custom paper writing help is an ideal solution to all your essay writing challenges. Not only will you receive a high-quality but also plagiarism-free paper. Additionally, you will not have to ensure the pressure of meeting essay deadlines. Purchasing a custom paper can help you get you worry-free school days and nights. But, before we get into detail about our order essay online service, you need to know what a custom essay is.

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How much does custom essay writing help cost?

So, you may be wondering how much it will cost you to get professional custom help from our service. Do not think much about it. Our prices are flexible and reasonable. That is we adjust them according to the type of paper you want, the length, deadline, and complexity level. Additionally, the prices depend on the information you provide us with.

A longer deadline costs cheaper than a short deadline. Also, a master’s level paper is expensive than an undergraduate level paper. Nonetheless, if you have an urgent order, do not fear using our cheap custom essay services. Our writers can work on the task and deliver it to you before you expect it. Moreover, they will adhere to your essay writing instructions and guidelines.

Why seek custom essay writing help?

Custom essay writing is one of the strengths of our business. We assist students from different walks of life and enable them to have peaceful nights and more time to themselves. Additionally, with our professional help, you will get the perfect essay with an ideal topic abiding by the standard essay format. As a student, you may wonder why it is crucial you seek custom writing paper help.

There are many reasons you should seek custom paper writing and below are some of them.

  • Meet your objectives. Seeking custom essay writing help helps you focus on accomplishing and meeting your goals and objectives. You can concentrate on your studies without worrying about completing your essays assignments.
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Why you should order custom essays with our service

Competition is stiff in the essay writing industry as many companies are looking to attract as many students as possible to seek their help. Hence, this can leave you wondering where you can go to. It is upon you to ensure you seek help from the best essay writing service – a company which not only wants to see you excel but also improve your writing skills.  And the custom essay writing service that can help you achieve this is our company.

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Our features

Our features

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Top 3 Essay Writing Services in 2019

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The above top 3 best essay writing service are already reviewed and are 100% safe to use. Before availing the services of online essay writers, you should consider various factors. First, you should search for an updated 2019 review of top 10 essay writing services. This is because you need to be sure of a company before you avail their help.

There are various factors to consider before you choose an essay writing service for your academic assignments. Follow the provided essay writing service reviews and choose a reliable custom essay writing service. If you choose a reliable and trustworthy service, you will get the appropriate academic help.

What to Consider Before Choosing a Custom Essay Writing Service

If you decide to seek help from essay writing services, begin by reading the reviews of the chosen company. Genuine and trustworthy essay writing services offer the following perks:

  • Unlimited Free Revisions.
  • 24/7 Customer Support.
  • Free Drafts (for customers to see the quality of their services).
  • 100% Guaranteed Satisfaction.
  • 100% Custom Written Papers.
  • Experienced Writers.
  • Direct Contact with the Writer.

If you find the above features in a certain essay writing company, you can avail their services with ease. We determined the three best essay writing service UK and USA based on the features mentioned above. Most students reviewed the top three essay writing services as “trusted.”

Online essay writing services are growing by the minute. This is because many students are resorting to online essay writing services for their academic needs. Many students struggle with maintaining a steady social/academic life. As such, they hire academic writers who compose high-quality essays on their behalf. This enables them to indulge in other activities and maintain high test scores.

Many students write their academic papers and university essays on their own. But, there are others that cannot compose academic essays without assistance. To them, essay writing services are a form of relief. There are innumerable essay writing services online. Thus, one must be cautious before choosing an academic writing company. At BE, we encourage you to look at the top 10 essay writing services before hiring a writer.

Top 5 Features to Look For Before Choosing an Essay Writing Service

Top 5 Features to Look For Before Choosing an Essay Writing Service

  1. Quality

This is the most crucial feature when choosing an online essay writing service. As emphasized by, the service must provide high-quality papers and top-notch services. Your writer must be able to compose your paper according to your preferred format. If you want your paper in APA, MLA, Chicago, or Harvard format, the writer should comply.

  1. Turnaround Time

Because your essays have deadlines, the essay writing service should deliver your assignment within the set deadline. Choose a service that had deadline-oriented writers.

  1. Clients’ Reviews on Writers

Essays are delicate assignments. Before you hire a writer, ensure that they have the appropriate skills. Look at the paper writing services reviews posted by clients. This will help you decide whether you want to avail the company’s services. If you see a lot of positive reviews, go ahead and hire one of the company’s writers. If most of the reviews are negative, do not risk your grade by hiring a substandard writer.

  1. Cost and Discounts

Essay writing services are not costly. According to, a majority of personal writers and writing companies can overcharge you and deliver substandard work. To avoid this, compare the prices of various essay writing companies. This will help you choose a company that composes powerful essays at fair prices.

  1. Custom Essay Writing Service Reviews

As mentioned earlier, you should have a look at the top 10 essay writing services before hiring a writer. Before putting your college assignment in the hands of a ghostwriter, look at college paper writing service reviews. Prior online essay service reviews shared by clients can help you determine whether you want the services of a certain company. You should look at positive reviews. Negative reviews are red flags. Never hire a writer whose company is full of negative reviews.

In contemporary society, the World Wide Web has a plethora of essay writing companies that claim to be reliable. At BE, we know that discerning the trustworthy ones from the fake ones can be hard. It is important to seek help from a reliable service because your grade depends on it. For students who struggle with writing academic essays, essay writing services are the go-to resort. They are also valued by students who are busy with work and do not have time to compose essays. Thereby, expert assistance in writing their academic essays will help them achieve high grades and impress their subject professors. As a learner, do not let essay writing companies that charge low prices deceive you. Make an informed decision by looking at a rating essay services review and get the perfect guide for selecting trustworthy writing services in the USA or UK.

How to write a great essay about your college fraternity

In most cases, students find it difficult to write about their experience of the Greek culture in their essays. They think that there is nothing impressive about the cultural practices of the Greek in regard to education, but this is not the case.

Therefore, in order to write essay about the sorority, it is important to note that Greek life has a lot of influence on the ways of life within the campus fraternity. Sororities are well known for their social functions, but they also play a substantial role in the provision of professional training, carrying out charity work, fundraisings, and the creation and hosting of events. A person should be able to interact with people from different cultures across the world in order to do something constructive in life.

As well, the leadership of any fraternity is not different from the leadership that is required in the running of the day to day life. The leaders need to be persuasive and innovative so that they can be able to relate well with people that have different personalities.  In addition, leadership comes along with a lot of challenges and, therefore, if someone is a part of a fraternity, they have to act responsibly and be their brother keeper. An essay about Students fraternity suggests that the sorority has to be very careful when choosing their leaders to ensure that the fraternity is always united.

As well, writing an essay about student’s campus requires the writer to have a lot of information about the campus life. Such life is very different from the people’s way of living outside the campus environment.

Write an essay about Village

When you want to write an essay about Village, it is important to have an introduction, a body, and a concluding paragraph. The introduction gives the main ideas that will be discussed in the main body section. In addition, the conclusion is a summary of the ideas discussed in the body paragraphs as well as the writer’s opinions and recommendations about the topic.

A lot of people fail to believe that it is possible to live in the village because they are used to accessing all the amenities at a short distance. For instance, the village of the university provides all the services that students might require hence making it a small city. There are plenty of people who prefer to live a simple life as compared to those that love a luxurious life in the suburbs of the big cities. Village life provides such simplicity with minimal expenses.

As well, the villages are a good place to preserve our traditions and customs. For instance, the village people are well known for holding festivals to mark special occasions that are not celebrated in big cities. When writing an essay about a university campus, it is important to compare it with the village life because such festivals are also celebrated. People from different cultures meet for the purpose of learning and end up teaching one another the cultures through their interactions. However, the students try their level best to maintain their cultures as done in the villages.

Concisely, village life is characterized by hospitable people, fresh air and nature. This is in contrary to the cities that have polluted air and a few places whereby people can access nature. Therefore, for an individual seeking to relax, the village is the best place.

University village for students

Have you ever met the village students? Do you know anything about the village of university? They are known for their vibrant culture and provide students with plenty of opportunities for career grooming and self-grooming. According to, the university village has no alternative, and their campus environment is too friendly and sustainable.

Good for all types of students

One of the major benefits of studying at university campus is that the students fraternity is top notch, and it is good for all types of students. Whether you are an international student or a local one, you will be given access to plenty of study and research programs and you will be provided with complete guidance of how to gain more knowledge and polish your skills. In fact, a large number of international come here from all parts of the world.

A variety of degree programs

A large number of degree programs are taught at the campus and students are encouraged to participate in group discussions and other activities that are meant to prepare them for a bright and progressive future. Seminars are held on a monthly basis, and these prepare students for a challenging tomorrow as they are taught how to work under pressure and how to improve the quality of their services.

Qualified lecturers and professors

At university village, students are provided with free parking facilities, and qualified and experienced teachers are there to teach, guide and assist them during the studies. This eventually leads them to achieve success and helps them become responsible and sensible citizens of tomorrow.


The beautiful mountainous area of Guatemala is worth seeing and admiring. Over here, a group of hardworking, dedicated and well-versed ladies can be seen sewing and weaving different items. Their aim is not only to earn some money but also to change their future through their creativity and work. They are working day and night to fulfill their dreams via their creations and the education they have received so far. Yes, we are talking about Mayamam weavers who have brought together high quality, hand-woven pieces to our attention, letting the world know about the beauty and diversity of Mayan culture. You can purchase their items from the comfort of your home. Mayamam products are among the best and most classy in the world, and by buying them from these weavers, you will be directly supporting the women so that they can lift themselves and get rid of poverty.

The unique story behind these items

The ladies working as Mayamam Weavers have proved their worth and creativity through their skills. They have devoted themselves fully to the promotion of the local culture and educate their children to get good wages once they grow up. They receive a lot of money for their artistry, creativity, and hard work, and they are doing it better than any other group of ladies in the world.

For quite a long time, they have been provided with a limited number of opportunities and have been kept from receiving the high-quality education. In the Guatemalan village known as Cajolá, only a handful of ladies dared to put their skills and creativity to work. The fact is that up to 92 percent of the entire population is living a miserable life, below the poverty line, and it is difficult for them to earn some money to raise their families. According to Belt Horn Village, most of them have no access to the basic primary or elementary education, and if they join the Mayamam weavers’ co-op, they become able to get fair wages, free school education and access to a number of scholarships. They can use the money to support their education at the college and university levels. No doubt, they are playing a vital role in changing the fate of their village as well as their families by representing themselves at the global level.

Details of the product

The product come in different dimensions has incorporated traditional designs and features a black horn buckle. It is made with soft and embroidered cotton, and quality is always guaranteed.

MAKEGOODESSAY – Essay Writing Service

Writing an essay is one of the biggest task that a student has to do to complete his or her education. Each student will have to write an essay at least once during his stay in school. It’s more often than not, seen during exams and tests. The essay part of the exam is often the most dreaded and disliked part of a test. Why? Because most students do not have enough knowledge about essay writing. Another common part of school life where essay writing tends to come up is the homework. These essay home works are often given to students after some activity. They are tasked to create an essay based on what they experienced or what they saw. Essays can also be given as a form of research on a certain topic.

Here is where most students have a problem. They do not have the time to make a good, well-written essay given all the things and other tasks that they have to do. Essay writing involves a lot of research. The information has to be gathered into a single cohesive piece of writing. More often than not, students skip these parts of an assignment. They move on to what they think ‘more important’ parts of the assignment are. So what students can do is have someone else write the essay for them.

Essay Writing Service

There are a lot of ways a student can go about finding someone to write an essay for them. Some ask other, older students to do it for them. It can be good if that older student is a sibling or a relative. They can ask for a favor and have them write an essay for him so that he can do other tasks. Others will find someone who writes essays for a price. This can be someone like a classmate or an acquaintance. They often ask a small price in order for them to write the essay. Here’s the problem though, these writers are not professional. They may not have the necessary knowledge about the topic they are writing about.

So what other students do is to find an essay writing service. They use an essay writing service so that they can submit high quality essays. Most of these essay writer services can be found online. A simple search will often show a lot of websites where students can order essays. So, we at MakeGoodEssays, have made this part easier. We have selected an essay writing service that can help you write an essay.


Academized is one of the best essay writing service right now. But they not just essay writer services. They accept a wide range of orders for other writing jobs. They cover a lot of subjects as well. The level of writing can also be tailored to the specific order that they receive. Rankings for the best online essay writing services list Academized as one of the top sites.


Academized offers not just essays though. Essays are their ‘bread and butter’ but they also offer other services for different kinds of writing. Academized employs a lot of professional writers that can do more complicated pieces of literature. If you need a research paper or a laboratory report, there are writers that can write those for you. Not only that, Academized also offers services for postgraduate levels like dissertations and theses. They can also write critiques for literature and other arts.

But that is not all they offer. Even if the order is not under the category that is listed, they can write the paper that you need. To use their term, ‘Whatever it is you need, we are always happy to help’. They also accept rush orders that need to be submitted in only a few hours. The service they offer assures the clients that the paper they receive will be of high quality and completely unique. They also offer free revisions and edits throughout the duration of the project.

The Team

Academized writing team is huge. They have hundreds of writers that can accommodate the clients that buy essays online. Not only that, the writers that are part of Academized team are all professionals. Writing essays is their job. So the client is assured that the writer has complete focus on the project. The writers are also experts in certain fields. Some are experts in linguistics while others specialize in mathematics or science. Whatever the topic of the paper may be, the client is sure to have the perfect writer that will suit their needs.

The Process

The way of placing an order for an essay is very simple. Once you log on to their site, click the ‘Order Now’ button. You will then be taken to the order form. Fill out the required details about the order that you are placing. The most important ones that need to be filled out include what kind of writing is needed, the subject, the topic, the number of words or pages required for the paper, and the deadline for it. You may also include other details like the writing style and the number of references, if any are needed. After that you will be taken to the next step of the ordering process.